Dec 14, 2008

Enough! Fed Up With The Event Market

As of December 2008, we will discontinue working on our global mobile event calendar. We rather prefer to go out of business than further continue this nightmare. There's no reason to continue in such a bad and unprofessional environment where nothing works as expected.

Affiliate programs and Ticket organizations don't provide data in well structured format;
Affiliate programs and Ticket organizations don't allow to "spider" a site for missing data (server issue);
Some sites are asking up to $50,000 annual fee to grab events (*);
Cultural organizations give no shit to third parties, only interested in their own "sponsored" living. The subprime crisis should at least clear all that mess;
Last but not least, we are fed up struggling with our developer Sergey Skripkin. Just a crook you should better avoid.

Bye Bye the Web.

(*) The case with (Switzerland) or (France). Since when do we have to pay to promote cultural events?

Sep 3, 2008

Google Chrome for Windows. Just too Minimal!

A very disappointing experience. Okay, it's beta but we give NO excuse to Google who worked on Chrome for more than two years!!! A minimal design with minimal sophisticated technology (many bugs, errors, etc), minimal plug-ins (none at all), minimal WAP mobile access (can't read wml - not smart enough), minimal intuitiveness and last but not least, fast but not that fast. Much ado about a poor clone of Safari and Opera web browsers. Don't waist your time giving a try. It's just too minimal!

Chrome creates a unique ID through which a user theoretically can be identified

Chrome remembers up to the second exactly when the software was installed

Chrome-function transmits information in encoded form to Google

Minimal Creativeness

Something much more innovative grab our attention: forget chrome. Go Pogo. Awesome!